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High Blood Pressure While Playing Phone Slots

They found that listening to music on a phone while you workout helps increase your exercise and can therefore potentially help lower your blood pressure. But two other common smartphone uses slow exercise – reducing its benefits for your heart. Their study shows that you shouldn’t talk or text while you’re trying to work up a sweat in the gym. The mean systolic blood pressure for the entire group was considerably higher during play than before or after and was significantly higher in novice players than in more skilled players. Heart rate was also significantly higher during play.

In view of these results, other cardiovascular changes might be expected to occur during video-game playing. Blood pressure was taken immediately after completing the video game prior to a 30-minute rest between each game. The resting blood pressure average was 106/62 mm Hg. The average blood pressures of the six subjects after playing the computer games were as follows: Pac-Man, 114/70 mm Hg; Carnival, 133/67 mm Hg; Space Invaders, 117/73 mm Hg; Bowling, 108/62 mm Hg;.


High Blood Pressure While Playing Phone Slots - Rowan Casino

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